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Technology and team

KaiLi focus on application development of IOT, After 10 years of temper,we have Accumulated a wealth of technical experience and created a Professional sophisticated R & D team. Professional background covering electronic information engineering, the core technology personnel all have more than 5 years work experience, with staff average age of less than 30 years old, it’s a young and energetic team.Based on Embedded Technology ,the wireless data transmission technology,rfid,and research on man-machine engineering and mechanics of materials,we have created wireless handheld data collector ,wireless handheld barcode data collector,multimedia information interaction terminal intelligent multi function and other 8 technical patents.
All kinds of the KaiLi handheld terminals have reached or exceeded the international advanced level in the professional and the usability and durability.
  • Professional technology
    01Professional technology
    Professional designManufacturing process of professional  Comprehensive servicesstrong and durable
  • Field of application
    02Field of application
    Express and Logistics industry, electronic commerce, warehouse management, printing and publishing, supermarkets, medical and health management, FMCG distribution, stores inventory and other fields.10 years of exploration,we focus on the internet of things in a persistent way.
  • German BMW crash analysis technology
    03German BMW crash analysis technology
    Through the explicit finite element analysis software of Germany's BMW vehicle crash analysis which is the industry’ most leading drop test method, we did some optimization design to ensure that the product is resilience and strong.   Drop (impact) test: multiple 3 m drops Tumble (endurance) test: reliable operation after 1,000 times consecutive tumbles .dust test     waterproof test     drop test
  • Ergonomic-development-and design
    04Ergonomic-development-and design
    Inspired by the ergonomic design,the streamlined surface modeling and large size arc shell button make the WDT series more comfortable to be operated
  • Comprehensive-service
    Custom software /Online upgrade   On-site service Training / consulting services       Hardware warranty serviceOther personal services